In our English curriculum at Ormiston Bridge Academy, learners will study a range of texts from different time periods. Learners will know that writers draw on a set of universal themes in their work such as class divide, gender inequality and abuse of power. Learners will understand that behind every text, there is writer intent.

At KS3, our learners follow a programme of study that is supported by the National Curriculum, featuring English literature, poetry and a Shakespeare play. We also select texts designed to meet the specific needs of our learners. Many of our learners have low prior levels of attainment, EHCPs, no exposure to reading at home and have had a variety of adverse childhood experiences. Due to issues such as low self-esteem, poor attendance, trauma and disengagement from education, our priority is that texts be accessible, that texts feature topics that will interest learners and are appropriate for gap-filling the formative childhood experience of being read to for comfort or enjoyment. The curriculum at KS3 is composed of 70% reading and 30% structured conversation and writing.

At KS4, our learners will cover the AQA English Literature and English Language curricula. We aim to either cover or revise most of the two-year course in Year 11 to cater to new learners joining us in their final year of school, many of whom have been out of education for various reasons. We aim to give learners who join us at this late stage the best possible chance of achieving a Grade 4 or above by exposing them to all of the necessary units of work.