Humanities and Citizenship

Curriculum Intent

The vision for humanities is to broaden the current academic offer by introducing two new subjects in the academic year 2022-2023: KS3 Humanities and KS4 Citizenship. 

The study of humanities is vital in understanding the world around us and the motivations of our society. Through its’ subjects we can delve into the past and understand how we have developed into the modern communities in which we live. We can explore different cultures across the globe and envision ways to become better citizens. We can learn to recognise the motivations of the people around us and become more emotionally mature and analytical thinkers. Learners will be given the opportunity to develop an invaluable toolkit of transferable skills including effective communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. They will be encouraged to engage in debate and be creative in imagining a future which they will actively shape. 

Key Stage 3 Humanities 

The KS3 cohort will be given the opportunity to discover the intricacies of this area of study through a bespoke curriculum incorporating aspects of geography, history and religious studies. Due to the often-transitory nature of our learners this will ease reintegration into their mainstream schools as it aims to ensure they have a foothold in each subject. Where learners have previously encountered a topic, a deeper and more mature investigation and understanding will be encouraged.  

  • Map skills 
  • Weather and climate 
  • Coasts 
  • Earth structure/tectonics 
  • Population 
  • Climate change 
  • Ecosystems 
  • Energy 
  • World empires 
  • Crusades 
  • Tudors 
  • WWI 
  • WWII and the holocaust 
  • Judaism 
  • Christianity 
  • Islam 
  • Hinduism 
  • Buddhism 
  • Sikhism 
  • Alternative world views 

Key Stage 4 Citizenship 

At KS4, we will be delivering the AQA Citizenship GCSE. The syllabus is separated into the following subject areas: 

1. Citizenship skills, processes and methods 

2. Life in modern Britain 

3. Rights and responsibilities 

4. Politics and participation 

5. Active citizenship 

Through the teaching of these areas we will look at what it means to be an effective citizen both in the UK and globally. We will explore British Values in depth as well as the concept of identity. Students will consider the themes of governance, political power and the free press.  Core skills that will be developed include researching, questioning, problem-solving, campaigning and evaluating.  

They will also be expected to actively complete a module in taking citizenship action in which they will choose a citizenship issue and formulate a plan of action to tackle it which they will then implement, either alone or in a group.