Curriculum Intent

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education and is a core part of any young person’s development. Here at Ormiston Bridge Academy, we intend to offer a creative, honest and informative PSHE curriculum with a focus on teaching our learners how to stay safe and healthy, both mentally and physically. We will look at how best to prepare ourselves for life outside of school with a focus on economic understanding, careers and digital wellbeing. Incorporated into the curriculum we will also study Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). The PSHE curriculum will be further supported by GCSE Citizenship studies taught in KS4 which will reinforce British Values.  

The topics covered in PSHE are relevant to our learners’ lives and each module will equip our young people with a transferable skill set of strategies that they can adapt to any situation.  


The PSHE curriculum is split into 3 separate curricular areas: Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships. Learners will delve into these areas as follows: 

KS3 KS4 
Drugs and alcohol 
Community and careers 
Emotional wellbeing 
Identity and relationships 
Digital wellbeing 
Peer influence, substance use and gangs 
Setting goals 
Respectful relationships 
Healthy lifestyle  
Intimate relationships 
Employability skills 
Mental health 
Financial decision making 
Healthy relationships 
Exploring influence 
Addressing extremism and radicalisation 
Work experience 
Building for the future 
Next steps 
Communication in relationships 
Independence Families  


Relationships and Sex Education in a compulsory part of the PSHE curriculum in secondary schools and we intend to deliver it within the PSHE curriculum. We focus on the importance of developing healthy intimate relationships.  

Further information can be found in the Ormiston Bridge Academy RSE policy on our website. Parents retain the right to withdraw their child from this aspect of the curriculum up to and until three terms before the age of 16.