New tablets rollout

Ormiston Bridge Academy has invested in a large number of Lenovo Think Pads which can work as both a laptop and a tablet. This has given us much better ICT resources than previously and we have already benefitted from training from the ‘Tablet Academy’ showing some of the resources we can use, such as OneNote.

The staff have effectively started to use them with the students on a range of different tasks and activities. For example, in science they have been using them to research global warming and how it will effect London. In Business Studies, the children have been competing in a head to head business challenge and the students have been increasing their numeracy using ‘Math’s Watch’.

They have been helpful for students applying for college being used to research places and fill in applications. Students have enjoyed using the Think Pads, with a year 10 saying, “… aren’t we using the laptops again today.”

This is just the beginning and we look forward to finding new ways to use the ICT with our students to ensure they are better prepared for the future world of work.